What’s New

Rebuilt and ready for launch.

Welcome to the New Procurify! We’ve added new features and made many new improvements, but don’t panic, the core functionality is still in place. Behind the scenes, we’ve strengthened our code from the ground up and we are excited to better improve your day to day experience and build out big features that will positively affect your business.

This change isn’t only about changing the way Procurify looks and making the functionality better. It’s about being able to make improvements over time that add more value to you.
To help with the transition, we’ve broken down all of the improvements and changes the new Procurify brings. Check out our blog post for behind the scenes from our development team.

What Procurify looked like Before:
What Procurify looks like Now:

Our Brand New Look

  • First thing’s first, the biggest change is the interface. We’ve still kept it fresh, simple, and even more intuitive for you. We believe by streamlining many of the tabs and actions in Procurify, it will be easier for you and your team to learn the system.

New Navigation – find what you need, faster.

  • We moved our main navigation from the top to the left of the screen to free up space for what matters, details on the orders you are processing.
  • We’ve consolidated the status tab to make your process more efficient. Now when you click on the Request tab, all requests you’ve previously made are shown and you can add a new request as well.
  • We’ve made space for new full feature tabs. For release in the next 6 months we’re already working on a new AP (accounts payable) function and a supplier/buyer portal for your vendors.
  • We’ve designed our entire layout and presentation of information to be more natural to the eye and suitable on more sizes of screens.
  •  We’ve included a ‘quick request’ button on the top green bar. Now you can quickly request items, travel or submit expenses regardless of which page you are on on Procurify.


  •  Submitting expenses and getting reimbursed for your purchases in the new Procurify has gotten a lot easier with the new Drag and Drop function. Now while you are in the expense tab, you can simply drag a file of your receipt to Procurify and the receipt will automatically upload.
  • You can also add multiple receipts and save the draft to review later. When reviewing and editing the expenses we’ve redesigned the form so it’s simple to edit.

Global Search

  • One of our biggest improvements, adding an “All” section within the Request, PO History, and Receive tabs to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. We heard from many of you that the search function needed some work and we think you are really going to enjoy this improvement.


  • In the Reports tab, we’ve changed our reports to show the percentages in regards to the value of goods requested and purchased. We are continuing to display information in both graph and list views to help you track your spending.

Fun stuff

  • Using your picture in the app. We think you’re awesome and we love the idea of having your picture in your account so you and your team can easily see who is requesting, approving and making purchase orders in Procurify. Upload your photo and make yourself feel at home in Procurify.
  • With the new look, we wanted to add something fun. We’ve added a few animations in the system such as in the approval tab;  green stamp for approved and a red stamp for denied.
  • Using a weblink to add a new item. We really think this is cool, try going to Amazon and copy the page address of an item you would like to order. Just paste that into the add new item search bar and it will pre-fill all of the information directly from the site.

If you have any suggestions or feedback we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at support@procurify.com

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