Week of June 27, 2016

Web Application

  • Product Catalog: Preferred account codes may now be pre-set for product catalog items. This will improve the ease of which Request-for-orders may be submitted.
  • Denied Request-for-Expense: Expense reports that were denied may now be easily revised and resubmitted for the same department and approver. This will save you the time of recreating the entire expense reports to make the required edits.
  • Quickbooks Integration: For our integration clients, POs and Item Receipts that do not need to be synced from Procurify to Quickbooks may now be archived. This will help keep your queue of POs and Item Receipts pending sync clean.
  • AP Payment Processing: Payment for approved bills may now be handled through Procurify. Our new payment processing function supports an optional approval function, and payment methods of check printing and exporting ACH files.
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