Real-Time Budgets

Getting to Know Real-time Approval Budgets

Real-time budgets enables you to see how much you’re spending against the set budget you’ve made for your company. Your managers will be able to see the real-time budgets in each pending approvals and decide whether to approve or deny the order. 

This tutorial will help you with how to read the real-time budgets and how it works in Procurify! 

1. Hover over Approval and click on Order:
2. Click on an Order. In this case, we will be looking at Order #129:
3. In the detailed page of Order #129, you can see the real-time budget below:
4. We will deny line item #3 and see what happens to the real-time budget:
5. You can see now that the total has changed and same with the real time budget:
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