Let’s get started with the basics

1. How to request an order

Request an order through a 3-step process. Select the location and department. Choose an item or service you wish to get approved. Next is to send it off to a manager.

See how you can request an item here.

2. How to request a travel

Requesting a travel is as easy as 123. Choose where you’re departing from and where you’re going. Once you’re finished, insert the dollar amount of how much the trip will cost and send it over to your manager.

Let’s request a travel.

3. How to request an expense

Expense reports are used for off-contract spending and other materials that your organization doesn’t buy as often. Insert the vendor, tax, receipt, and price. Drag & drop your receipts and fill out the required fields. Submit your expense and wait for it to be approved.

Get started on requesting an expense report.

4. Check the status of your orders

Once you’ve made your order request, you can check to see if it’s been approved or denied by your manager.

Check your orders in the status tab here.

5. Check the status of your travel requests

Request a travel and have it approved. Link your travel ticket to your expenses if you need to!

Tell me how I can check my travel requests!

6. Check the status of your expenses

Submit your expenses and check in your expense status to check if they’ve been approved, denied, or are still pending.

Show me how to check my previous expenses.

7. Replicate an order

Have a reoccurring order? Use the replicate order functionality to replicate your orders.

Let’s replicate an order!

8. Delete an order

Turns out that you don’t need the order that you’ve submitted, don’t worry, you can still delete! You may delete an order if it is still pending approval in your inbox. Once it’s been approved, the order can no longer be deleted.

Alright, let’s delete an order!

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