What does a Purchaser do? A purchaser is in charge of maintaining adequate amounts of materials for their organization. The purchaser is actively involved in the responsibility of negotiating prices for the materials.



Let’s get started with the basics

1. Create, edit, and send your purchase orders 

Once an order has been approved, the line items will be in the Procurement tab. Select a line item you want to create a purchase order for and the vendor will automatically populate for you. You can edit the prices in the “procure>procurement” tab. By to change the vendor, you can do that by clicking on the drop down. Add comments/notes, select your terms and conditions, and apply any taxes or discounts.

See how to create your first purchase order!

2. Checking your previous purchase order

You can check your previous purchase orders by going into the P.O. History tab. While you’re checking your previous purchase orders, you can email your purchase orders to your vendors and even generate PDFs! See #3 below.

Check your previous purchase orders.

3. Emailing purchase orders to your vendors

By clicking into the purchase order, in the top right corner, there will be three options. You may cancel P.O., generate PDF, and email purchase orders to your vendors here.

Check out how to email your purchase orders.

4. Purchase order revision

Made a mistake on your purchase orders? No worries! Edit your purchase orders with the PO revision function.

Check out how to edit your purchase orders.

6. Additional fields for purchase orders

You can add additional fields to your purchase orders to your liking. For example, delivery time, shipping notice, or etc. This will be done in the Settings tab.

How do I add additional fields?

7. Purchase order labels

Add purchase order labels to include your terms and conditions, notes, and other information to inform your vendors.

Teach me how to add purchase order labels!

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