Request an Order

1. Click Order from under the Request tab:


2. Click the Request Order button:


3. In the Order Details section, fill in the appropriate Location, Department, Date Required, Next Approver, and Order Description (optional):


4. Click the Add New Item button to begin adding items to the Order Items List.


5. Items can either be searched for using the Search field, or selected from the following categories: Previously Ordered Items, Catalog Items, or Bundles. Click Create New Item to manually create a new item.


6. Fill in the required fields and click Add Order Item:


7. In the options menu click on the pencil icon to edit an item. To remove an item, click the trash icon:


8. When you’re done adding items to the Order Items List, click Submit Request. You will be redirected to the Order Status page where the new order will be labelled Created.


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