Create a PO

For Purchasers: how to create a purchase order
Note: Before creating a purchase order, an order needs to be requested and approved. Click here on how to request an order or click here on how to approve an order.

1. Click on Procurement:


2. Select which items you wish to compile into a purchase order:


3. Click Add to List:


4. Click Create P.O.:


Quick Tip: You can edit the line item such as quantity, SKU, and price in the purchasing list:
5. In the next page, there is a template of what your purchase order will look like when sent to your vendor:

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.41.33 AM

6. At the bottom of the purchase order, you can add comments, PO notes, select a disclaimer, and taxes/discounts:


7. You can either create a PO now or create and an email the PO directly to your vendor:


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