Checking Your Previous Purchase Orders

1. Click on “Procure” under the Procure tab


2. Under “Purchase Order History” there are 6 tabs that represents the status of each order request (All, Open, Partial, Closed, Cancelled, Paid)


3. Click into each status tab to see the PO list.  For example, if you want to see purchased orders that are waiting to be received, select “Open”


4. To see more details of a PO, you can click into the PO icon or you can click “+ more details” under the po line.


Tip: Have you ever wondered what the three colours represent on the purchase order icon?
  • Yellow: Purchase orders that are pending to be received
  • Green: Purchase orders that are received (therefore they are closed purchase orders and may be already paid out to the vendor)
  • Red: (yup you guessed it!) Purchase orders that are cancelled.


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