Approver Watchlist

What does the Approver Watchlist do? Approver watchlist is an added feature in Procurify that allows you to subscribe to other user’s approval list.  By subscribing to another user’s approval list, you are able to see their order approval workflow.  This means you are given visibility on their pending, approved and denied orders.  Only location managers and administrations with the “Settings” tab will be able to activate this function.  Please get in touch with you manager or administration to have this set up with you do not have the “Settings” tab in your left menu column.

1. Click on Approver Watchlist in the Settings tab:


2. Select the name of the user you would like to subscribe to and click Add Subscribers:


3. A Manage Subscribers window will pop up.  Check the box beside your name and click Save:


To check which users are subscribed to your approval list, simply click on your name on the left column under User:


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