Create an Expense Report on Android

1. Go to the Request Page, tap the Pencil Icon


2. Tap Expense


3. Here is your dashboard for your Expenses.  You can access each of tabs on the top menu bar by tapping on it or swiping left.  


4. To add an expense, tap on the “add” icon on the top right.  Or, you can tap on your existing expense Draft if you have one already saved.

expense add

5. Here is an overview of your Request submission.  Fill out the required fields: Location, Department, and Approver. 


6. You can add expense items by swiping left to the items list or tap the orange “add” icon


7. The screen below will pop up when you tap the orange “add icon.”  Now tap the category icon that your expense falls under.  For ad-hoc expenses, choose “Other”


8. Fill out the details of your expense.   You also have the opportunity to upload or take a picture of your receipt by tapping the orange “paper clip” icon


9. Once you have filled out all your information, tap the “check mark icon” to proceed to the next step


10. Here is an overview of all the items in your expense form.  If everything looks good, tap the “check mark” icon again to proceed.  If you need to make changes, simply tap on the expense item you wish to edit.


11. Tap Submit and you are done!


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