Google Login

Google Login (SSO)


If you are a Procurify Admin, you can invite your users to log into Procurify using their Google Login. This will help your company maintain a centralized password policy through Google Apps.

Once a Procurify Admin invites their users to join Procurify, new and existing users can conveniently log into Procurify using their Google Login. This will simplify their day-to-day log in process.


As a Superuser of Procurify: Google Login will help you and your company maintain a centralized password policy by inviting users to login with Google accounts managed in Google Apps. When you change a user’s password or disable their Google account, the user will no longer have access to their Procurify account. They must re-authenticate with the new password, or lose access to the Procurify login. This will help your company’s Procurify account when employees enter and exit the company.

As a User of Procurify: You can now log into Procurify using your Google account, or, convert your existing Procurify account to Google Login. This will allow you to log in without entering your username/password. This will make your login process more efficient.


SSO:SSO stands for Single Sign-On. This allows users to log onto a number of applications, including Procurify, with a single click.

CSV: CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. A CSV is a file containing tables that users can add information into; the file can then be uploaded to Procurify.

Google Login: Your Google Login is what you use to log in to your Gmail, Google Drive, and a variety of other Google Applications.

Frequently Asked Questions


I was invited to log in with Google Login, what do I do?

Log into your Google Email


Open the Activation Email and CLICK TO SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT




Click GOT IT, LET’S GET STARTED. You can now get started!


Can I change my password through Procurify?

No. You cannot change your password through Procurify if you have a Google Account linked to your Procurify Account.


If you receive this message, you must change your password through your Google Account.


I am receiving an error message when I try to log into Procurify, why?

 1. You may be entering the wrong password. Please click the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD button to obtain the correct credentials.
2. You may already be set up with your Google Login. Try clicking SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE.
3. If Procurify does not allow access after these steps, contact us at:


How do I log in using Google Login?


how do i log in - 1

Enter your Google Password and click Sign In


How do I link new users to Google Login?

1. If you want to manually add a few users: Go to SETTINGS > Manage Users. If you do not have access to this tab, reach out to your Superuser.
2. Click on +INVITE USER
3. Toggle the GOOGLE SINGLE SIGN ON to YES. The SEND INVITATION EMAIL will automatically toggle YES. Fill out the required fields and invite users.

If you want to mass import new users:


  1. Go to your Import Data tab within Settings.
  2. Click the IMPORT CSV button beside Users to download a User Information template.
  3. Fill out the template, ensuring that all the required fields are filled out


If I am linked to Google Login already, can I change my password through Procurify?

No. it won’t let you change the password after clicking FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? You will get an error message and that’s perfectly normal. To change your password, you will have to log into Google and change from there.

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