Getting Started with Procurify

Note: Procurify helps streamline your process from requesting an order to recording payments. Procurify’s basic process starts from the request, approval, procure (creating POs), receiving, inventory (beta version), and ends with payments.


Setting up your account

Let’s go through the basics of setting up your account: accounts, budgets, approval routing, branch locations, and managing users.


The account tab is a list of accounts used by your organization to characterize each item for which money is being spent or received. It’s a way to organize the finances into expenses, assets, and liability to have an understanding of your organization’s financial health.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how you can create your first account code.


Budgets are a great way of keeping your company’s financial health in order. You can link users to specific budgets and link budgets to departments and departments to locations. This will make it easier for you to manage your organization’s spending.

Check out the tutorial on how to set up your budgets. 

Approval routing

Approval routing is giving your approvers levels to verify spending in each department. Set up your approval routing by having your approvers as level 1, 2, 3, etc. Once you’ve done that, assign a threshold that the approver can approve up to. For example, if Jim has a threshold of $1,000, he is only able to approve up to $999.99 until it gets passed to the next level approver.
*Note: if you set an approver (1st level) to have a threshold of zero, they must get confirmation from the next level approver to approve this order.

Click here to set up your approval routing.

Branch locations and departments

Branch locations is a way to keep track of your multiple locations. You can customize the departments in each location and add specific users to a specific location.

Here’s how to add branch locations and departments.

Adding users and assigning roles

The users in the system are individuals in your organization. Each user will be assigned a specific role, such as requester, purchaser, approver, inventory manager, receiver, controller, superuser, branch manager, and accounts payable.

Let’s add some new users and assign roles.

Add vendors

Add your vendor’s profile into Procurify and have your vendor information auto-populate into your purchase orders. You can then send your purchase orders to your vendors, quick and easy.

Add your first vendor here.

Adding a catalog item

The product catalog will show what products or services are available to your users within Procurify. Add a couple of catalog items so you can request items in the requisition page.

Check out how to add a catalog item.

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