Frequently Asked Questions

What is my login link?
Your login link will be your
*Please make sure to not put “www” or spaces in front of your login link.

I can’t find my users… How do I activate or deactivate them?
Go to “SETTINGS > Manage Users.” To activate a user, click on the “Inactive” page. There will be a check-mark icon located on the right hand side to “Activate” the user. To deactivate a user, click on the “Active” page. There will be a garbage can icon located on the right hand side to “Deactivate” the user. A user cannot be deactivated until all of their pending approvals are cleared or removed. 

How do I close an open purchase order?
Before you close an open P.O., make sure you have received the items. Go to RECEIVE and find your P.O. PASS or FAIL the items you have received. SAVE CHANGES. If you have received all items, go to “PROCURE > P.O. HISTORY”. Click on the P.O. you wish to close. There is a button on the bottom right, “CLOSE P.O.”

How do I delete a user’s request that has been approved already?
If the items have not been made into a purchase order yet, you may delete the line items in the “PROCURE > PROCUREMENT” stage. Select the line items that you wish to reject by checking off the boxes in the left hand side. Once you’ve selected the correct items, click on the red “REJECT ITEMS” button. These will be permanently removed so please double check your line items.

How do I remove a request that has been made into a purchase order?
If the items have not been received, go into the “PROCURE > PO HISTORY.” Find the correct purchase order you wish to remove. Open the P.O. and go to the bottom of the page. Click on the “CANCEL P.O.” button. These items will go back into the “PROCURE > PROCUREMENT” tab. Select the line items by clicking on the check boxes and click on the red “REJECT ITEMS” button. These will be permanently removed so please be careful and double check.

If the items have been received and you are still wishing to cancel the P.O., go to “RECEIVE” and find your P.O. Un-receive these items by typing a the negative amount you received into the PASS textbox. Start back at the “PROCURE > PO HISTORY” section of this answer.

How do I create a P.O.?
First, submit an order request in “REQUEST > ORDER“. Approve the order in “APPROVAL > ORDER“. Then, access the “PROCURE” tab to add the items to the list on the right hand side. Select a Vendor and “CREATE PURCHASE ORDER“. Check out here on how to create a purchase order within Procurify.

I want to restrict viewing access to certain departments. How do I do this?
The system is designed to restrict users to their own department. For example, if you have given an approver access to the Marketing department, they are only able to see this department.

How do I change the currency?
Your default currency can be changed in the “SETTINGS > CURRENCY > … > Set as base currency. If you do not see your currency in the Active tab, go to the Inactive tab. Find the correct currency and click “… > Activate“. 

Is there a way to resend password/login information for some users?
We can only send the login information at the time of the set up. A user can use the forget password function at the login screen with their e-mail address to reset their passwords.

Can I track purchase orders and paid deposits?
All P.O.’s are tracked within the system under the “PROCURE > P.O. HISTORY.” The P.O.’s will fall under the appropriate tabs at the top: ALL, OPEN, PARTIAL, CLOSED, CANCELLED, and PAID

How do I attach a file to my P.O.?
After you create a P.O., go to “RECEIVE” and find your P.O. Open the P.O. click CHOOSE FILE under “Packing Slip(s) Attachment”. Click ATTACH TO ITEM and select the items you want associated with this document. 

How do I attach an invoice to my Bill?
After you create a P.O. and create the bill, go to “ACCOUNTS PAYABLE > BILLS“. Find and open your bill. In the top right-hand side, CHOOSE FILE under the Invoice Attachment section.

How do I print my reports?
If you see a ‘EXPORT CSV’ button at the top right of the screen you are on, choose that. If not, go to “SETTINGS > EXPORT DATA” and download the appropriate document. 

Is it possible to integrate Procurify with Quickbooks?
If you would like to learn more about integrations, please contact us at

How do I add a vendor?
If you are looking to add a few vendors, go to “PROCURE > VENDORS > + NEW VENDOR,”. This vendor will only appear in the order request process if the PREFERRED toggle is on. Check the post out here. If you are uploading multiple vendorsclick “+ IMPORT VENDOR“. Click “DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE“. Once completed, click “+ IMPORT VENDOR” and “BROWSE & UPLOAD CSV“.

I’m trying to make a request, but Procurify isn’t letting me. What do I do?

Make sure your account is fully set up. Do you have the following set up?

  1. Users & Roles
  2. Locations & Departments
  3. Approval Routing
  4. Charter of Accounts > Account Codes linked to Departments
  5. Budget Control > Budgets linked to Account Codes

Click here to set up your account!

If I send a request, where can I check if my order has been approved or denied?
You may check under the “REQUEST > ORDER, TRAVEL, or EXPENSE.” Under this tab, you’re able to see the status of all your in the ALL, PENDING, APPROVED, DENIED, PURCHASED, and RECEIVED tabs.

Is there a way I can reset my budgets?
Click on the “MANAGE > BUDGET CONTROL” and click on the appropriate budget. Click the pencil icon beside the account code and adjust the dates. Click here to see how to do that.

How do I add more users?
Click on the “SETTINGS > Manage Users“. Click the “CREATE USER” button on top right. Once you create the user, make sure you go to “SETTINGS > Manage Users > Roles & Permissions” to give the user a role. Here’s a tutorial on how to add more users.

Why are my Procurify e-mails going into my spam box?
Add these to your filter:,,

How do I change my password?
You can change your password in your personal account settings which can be found by clicking on your name in the top right corner. Go to “Account > CHANGE PASSWORD“. 

How do I delete a location?
If you need to delete a location, please contact Customer Success via the “CHAT WITH US” button or emailing

An employee no longer works at our company. They still have pending approvals in their inbox, how do I clear these?
To clear the pending approvals, you may receive a temporary password to the employee who had left and clear the pending approvals. If you are experiencing this situation, please contact

What happens when I deny an order?
Once an order/expense has been denied, it can no longer be undenied. It will go into the “Denied” section in your “APPROVED > ORDER” page. If you have denied the order by accident, you can always replicate the order in the “REQUEST > ORDER” page. Go to the “Denied” tab and click the “… > Replicate order” button.

There are travel and expense approval routings, what does this mean?
The expense and travel approval routing is optional. If your organization has specific managers for approving expenses or travels, then this would be a great feature for you to use. Go to “SETTINGS > APPROVAL ROUTING > EXPENSE” and turn the “Standalone approval routing for Expense” on. If this isn’t necessary, the “Order” approval routing will take effect for approval of expense and travel.

I can’t see my purchase orders in the procurement tab and receive tab. What am I missing?
Before getting started on receiving items and creating purchase orders, you will need to request an order. When an order is submitted, you will need to have the order approved. Once these two steps are done, you will be able to see you line items in the “PROCURE > PROCUREMENT” tab. Here you can create a purchase order and receive items.

Does Procurify share a database among other users?
The database is not shared among other users. The data is stored with our partner, google app engine; it is fully encrypted and backed up on a regular basis.

Where can I find the API Key Documentation for Procurify?
If you would like to have access to our API Key Documentation, contact for more information.

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