Approve all of your orders, expenses, and travels from your employees to make sure you are on track with your spending


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1. How to approve an order

The approval tab lets you approve orders and keep track of spending within your organization. And, edit the orders if the information is incorrect.

See how you can approve an order here.

2. How to approve a travel

Approving travel requests are a simple two-step process. If you need more information on the travel request, click on the order to see in more detail.

Check out how to approve a travel request

3. How to approve an expense report

Approving an expense report is the same as approving an order and travel. Edit an account code if it’s incorrect.

How do I approve an expense?

4. Approver Watchlist

An approver watchlist lets you see which orders are currently in another approver’s pending inbox.

How do I set up my approver watchlist?

5. Check previously approved and denied orders

Check your previously denied and approved orders in the approval tab.

How do I see my previously approve/denied orders?

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