Accounts Payable – Unbilled Items

Partially received items will go into the Unbilled Items under the Accounts Payable tab. Allocate the following purchase orders to an account code and split the cost equally, by percentage or dollar amount. 

1. Click on Unbilled Items under the Accounts Payable tab: APunbilled

2. Hover over the options menu and click on the pencil icon:APunbilled2

3. Click on Add Rows:APunbilled3

4. Split the cost between account codes either by cost, percentage, or split them equally:APunbilled4

5. Once the account codes are allocated appropriately, click on Edit Item:APunbilled8

When editing the cost allocation, there will be a yellow Updated banner to let you know it’s been updated:

Click on More Details to see the cost being split quickly and easily: APunbilled6

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