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With the newest update to our Accounts Payable module you will now be able to complete the accounts payable process by processing payments directly from the Procurify system. After entering your company’s bank account information and after a bill has been approved, you can now print a check or generate an ACH file for your financial institution. We’ve also added an optional approval routing chain for payments. Lastly, for our accounting experts, we now allow users to export journal entries for paid bills. This new functionality is in addition to our export of current approved bills. We are extremely excited to share these new changes with you. If you have any questions, or want to see a demo of the new workflow, please reach out to your customer success manager or contact us here.


  • Set Up
    • Financial Settings
    • Vendor Payment 
    • Payment Approval Routing
  • Payment Processing: Make and Record a Payment
  • Payment Processing: Void Check
  • Payment Processing: Reprint Checks
  • Payment Processing: Export Journal Entries

Let’s begin!

Set Up: Financial Settings

Your financial settings includes setting up your bank account information. By inputting your ACH, checks, or other payment methods, you’ll be able to print off checks and send them off to your vendors! 
Set up your financial settings here.

Set Up: Vendor Payment

Have your vendor payments set up to be selectable when processing your payments. 
Let’s set up the vendor payment.

Set Up: Payment Approval Routing

Set up your payment approval routing to send off payments for approval. If you’d like to self-approve, please add yourself as the approver within the group and you’ll be able to self-approve the payments. 
Set up your payment approval routing.

Payment Processing: Make and Record a Payment

Once the payment is considered paid, you may print off the check, ACH, or other payment methods. 
Make and record a payment here.

Payment Processing: Void Check

When voiding checks in the payment processing tab, this will be considered as partially paid. 
Teach me how to void checks!

Payment Processing: Reprint Checks

Need to reprint your ACH or check information again? Don’t worry, you can reprint them in the Payment Log tab.
Check out how to reprint checks here.

Payment Processing: Export Journal Entries

Export your journal entries and upload into your accounting system with one easy CSV export. 
Show me how to export my journal entries!

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