Accounts Payable – Make and Record Payments


1. Click on Payment Processing under the Accounts Payable tab:


2. Under the Pending Bills section, click on a bill that you’d like to make a payment for:


3. Once you’ve selected a Bill, click on Make a Payment:


4. Select from your drop down list for the Payment Method and Pay From:


5. Next, select a Pay To and which Group that you’d like to send the payment for approval to:


6. Once all of the information is filled out, click on Submit for Approval:


7. Great! The payment has been sent for approval:


8. When the payment is approved, it will go into the Payment Approvedsection:


9. You may either Mark as Paid or Mark as Paid and Print the payment. When printing marking as paid and printing, make sure to turn off your pop-up blocker. This payment will now move to the Paid Bills tab:


10. Awesome! You’ve just marked your payment as paid:


This is an example of the ACH payment of the example above. This will pop-up to another window when clicking on the Print ACH:

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